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Everyone has sexual rights, which are to be respected, protected and fulfilled. We have right to have sex, so why do we keep silence, when we age and get diseases connected with our sexual health?

The most common disease in men over forty is erectile dysfunction, which is better known as impotence. To understand reasons of this disorder, it’s necessary to learn about erection itself. First of all, for an erection to occur, some events have to take place. The first one is psychosexual stimulation and then our brain sends signals to penis. These signals cause relaxation of the smooth muscles, which supply blood to penis. This muscle relaxation leads to engorgement and erection of the penis. The blood flows back after orgasm and penis becomes soft again. Even the least departure from the norm such as decreased blood supply, disturbances of nerve mechanisms or psychosexual problems may lead to erection problems.

Erectile dysfunction means difficulties in getting and/or keeping erection long enough for a satisfactory sexual act, also a man can have to rapid ejection or no ejection at all. The main causes of impotence are old age, decreased blood flow, diabetes, high blood pressure, pelvic surgery (prostate, bladder, rectal), spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and other nervous system disorders, hormonal problems, depression and psychological problems, cigarette smoking, use of alcohol, drug abuse and others. Physical disorders cause impotence primarily and only one of ten cases of erectile dysfunction has psychological reason.

We offer you a cost effective, highly efficient, safe and easy-to-use drug, which will become your best partner in the fight against mortal enemy of all men, impotence. This drug is called generic Viagra. Generic drugs have the same composition that the branded one have, the only difference is that you don’t have to pay for a brand name.

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Generic Viagra – guarantee of sexual harmony in your and your partner’s life. Today couples spend less and less time together, what does not suit expectations, when couples began their life together. It does not mean at all, that they are not interested in each other or don’t love any more. The divorce rate increases every year and seven of ten couples split after 7 years of common life, people, who are older than 40, stay alone primarily. These problems are very often connected with couple’s sexual life, a man of 40 years old or older may have some disorders in his erection.

Doctors call this condition erectile dysfunction, a man has difficulties in getting and/or maintaining erection for time, which would be enough to have sex. The reason is that not enough blood flows to the penis. Some men aren’t able to get an erection at all, others can get one but penis is not hard enough for coitus, and in some cases a following situation is possible when men lose erection before or during sex. Men shouldn’t forget that erectile dysfunction is a medical condition and they are not guilty! And they also shouldn’t forget about generic Viagra, which is an easy-to-use and highly efficient drug based on natural extracts.

So to enjoy intimacy and be sure in yourself, men with this disease should find more information on this theme and a way to heal it. Difficulties with erection, delayed or rapid ejection can be easy cured with help of high-quality and modernized generic Viagra, which is fully equivalent to its brand name drug.

Sex is a part of our life like a part of railway, if we take away a part of it, not important on which part of way, but when train gets to this point of his way, the train would be destroyed soon or later. The same is with our lives, if we take away one of its sides, it influences the whole our life and this influence is negative in the most cases. When you are working, going for a walk or having rest and see a beautiful woman, you don’t act or say that you like her or want her, you become sad, sometimes angry and feel that you are not like other normal men, but we think, it’s false and we offer you high-quality drug, which will solve your sexual problems.

So when you see a beautiful woman next time, you will say, you like and want her without fear that anything may go wrong!

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